Creative Standard

Wednesday, August 21, 6:30 — 8pm
916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2 #105

Developing grant writing skills is one of the best ways to secure funding for your artistic pursuits. The process is also foreign to many artists who could be benefiting from this kind of funding. Join us for a presentation from David McMichael who will share his grant writing experience with both small and large projects.

David McMichael is an artist and grants professional in Austin. He manages a grant portfolio of ~$700k/year at the Paramount Theatre; he created a fiscal sponsorship program in 2018 for Co-Lab Projects and currently supports a roster of 12 visionary weirdos like Diptych, Glowed Up, and Lifted Traces; and he does his damnedest to guide the unruly teen hyperreal film club along with his two co-parents Jenni Kaye and Tanner Hadfield. Sometimes he writes things like maximalist film lists or saucy fables or makes short films about dystopian cults.

The focus of Creative Standard is to convene artists regularly; provide information, opportunities, and resources; and to create and maintain standards of professionalism and integrity for the creative community to adhere and uphold.

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