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Jamie Panzer: If Love Is The Answer, What Is The Question?

April 22 - May 20, 2016

Presenting a free-associative analog scenic artifice composed of (initially) incongruous materials, images and objects [accumulated accidentally on purpose] to depict a freeze-frame, cross-section snapshot of a fugue state precipitated by chronic existential dilemma in the pursuit of digital/chemical harmony.

#tipoftheiceberg #dotswillbeconnected #malapropsglitchesrejectsflaws #noactplay #spaceinbetween #datadump #psychotropicalclimate #theraceagainsttimeandresources #lostwithoutyou

Jamie Panzer was born in New York, New York, reared in Silver Spring, Maryland, and currently lives and works in Austin, Texas. He attended Old Dominion University on a Soccer Scholarship, transferred to Carnegie-Mellon University to earn a BFA in Art and Graphic Design, and then moved to Austin. He attended the Maryland Institute College of Art as a Graduate candidate for a year but returned to Austin to complete his degree from The University of Texas at Austin as the first in the newly incepted Transmedia Program in 1993. He then relocated to Baltimore to assume a position as Assistant Director of Exhibitions at MICA and soon after became Art Director at an interactive advertising agency in New York. He has exhibited in Pittsburgh, New York, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, Washington, DC, San Antonio and Los Angeles. Panzer has shown extensively in Austin since his return to Texas. This will be his second solo exhibition at Big Medium.

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