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Pastelegram is an online and print publication concerned with images and their sources. It is dedicated to contemporary artists, art historians and critics as well as the ideas, images and texts that inform their projects, some historical and others less so. As such, Pastelegram provides an international platform for the examination of artistic and historical practice.Pastelegram lives in two distinct forms: a biannual print issue and an online site. The print issue features an editorial collaboration with an artist or art historian that includes original works made for the magazine, visual essays, an interview with the issue’s collaborator and a collection of outside texts and images selected by the collaborator and Pastelegram’s editors. Our online version offers supplementary materials to the print issue such as weekly reviews and monthly features offering close examinations of objects and images. Pastelegram is proudly sponsored by Big Medium. Support and subscribe to Pastelegram HERE.


Cantanker is committed to producing a visual art magazine that is a piece of art in itself, beautifully designed and inventive in its concept and structure. Our mission is to encourage a dialogue about art through written profiles, interviews, reviews and opinion pieces, and to introduce artists to the public by giving them an open venue to create innovative and experimental work. Cantanker is proudly sponsored by Big Medium.

Art From The Ashes

Big Medium is pleased to partner with Art From The Ashes, a non-profit organization with a mission to support communities devastated by natural disasters through the creation of art. Benefit art exhibitions were held in Austin in spring 2012, in Bastrop in summer 2012, and in Lufkin in fall 2012 to support reforestation in Bastrop county as well as community programming for those who suffered terrible losses in the recent fires in Bastrop. Installations of artwork were created by Texas based artists and ART from the ashes incorporating reclaimed materials from fire sites in Bastrop. Proceeds continue to support the restoration efforts of the Lost Pines Recovery Team. A big thank you to all artists to generously contributed work!

Hybrid Arts Summit

The Hybrid Arts Summit is an ongoing collaborative effort started in 2011 to harness the momentum of a convergence of some of Austin’s most significant institutional milestones and surveys of Texas contemporary art. The Hybrid Art Summit explores cross-discipline creative practice and its relevance to contemporary culture.  Focused on the tracks of collaboration, criticism and technology, the Summit is produced in partnership with Art Alliance Austin, Big Medium, ‘Bout What I Sees and Fusebox Festival.  

eyes got it

Austin art blog 'Bout What I Sees brought back Eyes Got It! this past fall during the 2012 East Austin Studio Tour. Eyes Got It! is an open call art competition inspired by American Idol, Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, and other arts-based, reality TV game shows. In contrast to traditional juried call for entries, Eyes Got It! features a panel of local arts professionals who conduct their review process in front of a public audience; after three rounds of elimination, the panel will award one artist a solo gallery exhibition. Through this public critique and its subsequent exhibitions, Eyes Got It! seeks to demystify the juried show process, illuminate critical reviews, and attract attention to artists within the Austin community. Congratulations to 2012 Eyes Got It! winner, Jason Webb, who won a 2013 solo show at Austin-based GrayDUCK Gallery.

mona lisa jana swec

The Mona Lisa Project is a visual art collaborative project which includes elements of performance, historical reflection and cultural commentary on art and the historical imagery of gender perception. It is based on an exchange between photographer Rino Pizzi and 16 women artists who specialize in different media and disciplines. The project involved the development of a series of works inspired by the image and cultural relevance of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa portrait, focusing primarily on the subject’s celebrated smile. The artists/sitters decided the setting and context of the portrait--clothing, environment, and more. The main objective of the project was that of providing a reflection on a wide range of topics in contemporary art production and representation, inviting women artists to embody an established icon about femininity, which is first produced as a portrait by a male photographer, and then re-appropriated through each artist’s own aesthetic vision and experience. The works are currently on view at The People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, 301 W 2nd St, 78701. Stay tuned.... Rino Pizzi has another fabulous project in the works involving several wonderful Texas artists.

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